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Clustering-based Detection of Kidney Stones using Flexible Probes

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European Journal of Scientific and Applied Sciences, 2023


  • Sadavir Udichi, Wade Waen, Yachika Zacarias, Cabbon Eachan


Kidney stones are a common medical condition that can cause severe pain and discomfort. The detection of kidney stones is crucial for effective treatment and management of the condition. Flexible probes have emerged as a promising solution for the detection of kidney stones, as they can conform to the shape of the urinary tract, providing better access to the stones. The current paper proposes a clustering-based detection system for kidney stones using flexible probes. The system aims to improve the accuracy and speed of detection by leveraging the capabilities of clustering algorithms and flexible probes. The paper reviews relevant literature on kidney stones, flexible probes, and clustering algorithms. The proposed research methodology involves designing and implementing a clusteringbased detection system for kidney stones using flexible probes. The paper presents the results of the implementation and concludes by discussing the potential benefits of the proposed system.

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