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Convergence of Smart Health, Data Mining, and Dynamical Systems: A Paradigm Shift in Healthcare

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American-Eurasian Journal of Scientific Research, 2024


  • Prabha Rastogi


This article explores the synergistic convergence of Smart Health, Data Mining, and Dynamical Systems, elucidating the transformative potential of their integration in reshaping healthcare paradigms. Through an extensive literature review, a robust research methodology, and the presentation of results, the study navigates the intricate interplay among these domains. Smart Health technologies, driven by wearables and sensors, generate vast datasets, while Data Mining techniques extract valuable patterns and Dynamical Systems modeling adds a temporal dimension. This integration not only enhances predictive analytics but also optimizes healthcare processes, fostering proactive wellness strategies. The article unveils the collective impact of Smart Health, Data Mining, and Dynamical Systems in providing a dynamic, patient-centric approach to healthcare delivery. This comprehensive exploration navigates the transformative synergy at the nexus of Smart Health, Data Mining, and Dynamical Systems, unraveling their collective potential to redefine healthcare paradigms. In this dynamic landscape, Smart Health technologies, driven by wearables and sensors, generate a continuous stream of real-time health data. Data Mining techniques, including advanced machine learning algorithms, decipher complex patterns within this data, while Dynamical Systems modeling adds a temporal dimension, capturing the dynamic interplay of health states and interventions over time. This extended abstract delves into the multidisciplinary integration's implications for predictive analytics, healthcare optimization, and the emergence of a proactive and personalized approach to wellness. The study navigates through a rich literature review, detailing advancements in Smart Health, Data Mining applications, and Dynamical Systems modeling within healthcare contexts. The research methodology adopts a holistic approach, leveraging Smart Health technologies for data collection, Data Mining for pattern extraction, and Dynamical Systems modeling to understand the temporal dynamics of health trajectories. Preliminary results underscore the transformative impact, revealing the potential for predictive analytics, early disease detection, and dynamic healthcare strategies. The conclusion encapsulates the paradigm shift, highlighting the promise of a healthcare future where interventions are not just reactive but are intelligently shaped by the continuous interplay of Smart Health, Data Mining, and Dynamical Systems.

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