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Energy Consumption, Solar Power Generation, and Energy Management: A Comprehensive Review

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World Engineering and Applied Sciences Journal, 2023


  • Melika Heydari, Ashkan Heydari and Mahyar Amini


Energy consumption and management are crucial factors that impact our daily lives, the environment, and the economy. The depletion of fossil fuels and their environmental impacts have necessitated the development and adoption of sustainable energy sources such as solar power generation. This article provides a comprehensive review of the current state of energy consumption, solar power generation, and energy management. The review analyzes the effectiveness of solar power generation in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving sustainable energy use. The research methodology involved a review of current research and case studies, as well as an analysis of the effectiveness of various energy management strategies. The results indicate that solar power generation and energy management are crucial to achieving a cleaner and more sustainable future, and continued research and development are necessary to improve their efficiency and reduce their costs.

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