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The Application of Hyperbolic Conservation Laws in Modeling Cancer Prevention and Understanding the Consumption-Wealth Effect

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International Journal of Technology and Scientific Research, 2024


  • Rehman Raju


This study investigates the application of hyperbolic conservation laws in modeling two critical areas: cancer prevention and the consumption-wealth effect in economics. Hyperbolic conservation laws, which are fundamental in capturing the dynamics of conserved quantities across various fields, are adapted to address the unique challenges of these domains. In the context of cancer prevention, the laws are utilized to model the spread and control of malignant cells, providing insights into effective strategies for mitigating cancer risks. In economics, the consumption-wealth effect, which describes the relationship between consumer spending and wealth, is analyzed through these laws to understand the flow of wealth and consumption patterns over time. Numerical simulations and sensitivity analyses validate the models, demonstrating their robustness and predictive power. The results highlight the versatility of hyperbolic conservation laws, offering new perspectives and practical applications in both healthcare and economic policy-making.

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